Red Strawberry Popcorn
from Jack's Popcorn, LLC

This is the best eating popcorn there is.
Pops white.  No hard hulls.
Has a good flavor of its own.  Does not need any flavoring added to it.
It is the smallest of all popcorns. You need to eat only half as much because it is not all air.

Popping instructions:
This corn needs a very hot fire. The old way works best on top of the stove, including crank type poppers.
Red Strawberry Popcorn will only pop good on top of the stove, others just do not get hot enough.
1/3 cup of kernels will produce about 8 cups of popped corn.
You could yield about 50 cups of popped corn per pound.

If you were on the waiting list, but have not been contacted, please email or call by the 14th of December to beat the 2017 price increase for shipping.

The cost per bag/pound of popcorn is $5.39.
Box Lots includes January 2016 flat rate shipping prices

2 lb box of Strawberry popcorn: $10.78 + $6.80 =$17.58
12 lb box of Strawberry popcorn: $64.68 + $13.45 =$78.13
20 lb box of Strawberry popcorn: $107.80 + $18.75=$126.55

This page was last updated on: December 6, 2016
                  06 December

We have decided to complete the waiting list prior to the price increases for shipping. If you were on the waiting list, please contact us before 14 December 2016.

There is a 10 pound max per customer this year due to the total amount harvested.  This helps to spread this delicious snack to as many customers as we can.  We apologize for the limit and thank you for your continued support.  We are working on a plan that could double the next crop. 

Even with the limit, some orders may not be filled.  In that case, the list will carry over to the 2017 list.

There will be an increase price per pound for 2017.  Also, the Postal Service is raising their price in January. Small box $7.15, Medium box $13.60 and large box $18.85.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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